Let's get this ParTAY started, again

As I sit at my desk with its beautiful clean white surface, day after day since my announcement to get this ParTAY started, I have this feeling of unsettlement.

You see, a few years ago, 8 to be exact, I opened my own studio called Painting ParTAY.  It was an interactive Art Studio where I taught Art classes.  I thought it would be primarily for preschoolers to teenagers.  I advertised for after school classes, home school classes, mommy and me classes. You get the point. But I was wrong.   All it took was for one person to ask me if I would do a Canvas and Cocktail type class... and that my friend was that!  My studio was small. It would seat up to twelve people comfortable but we always tried squeezing more in! I would also go on location to peoples houses and even to restaurants. 











I loved it! So why did I close it? 

I felt as though I was losing me. Well not me per say. Teaching is a big part of me. I have my masters in Early Childhood Education and I almost made tenure before my oldest came home (yes, came home from South Korea) I dropped it like a hot potato when I received the called to pick him up at the airport. When my kids were little I was the Kool Aide mom (My house was were all the kids came to) and I also watched a set of triplets during the summer for several years. I handled the days with a schedule of activities which always included an Art Class! For four years I also taught at a Art and Science Foundation as the Painting/Drawing teacher. I also  owned a brick and mortar called The Art House. It had a gallery, lounge, art groups and classes, which I taught. ( Wow! it's crazy to see it all in black and white!) What I was losing was me personally My art work.  So I closed to focus on my Pet Portraits. Which I love and still do.

Why am I opening again?

Very simple, I miss it. I was advised to pick a lane. So I did. But why can't I do both? or it all for that matter???

With the way of the world it makes the most sense to keep it virtual.  For the past year I have been doing Step by Step Painting Classes live, on Fb, on my Art by Dawn page. I can't even tell you how much I absolutely love doing it!


Why am I feeling unsettled

The unsettlement is from me not being able to move as fast as I want.  Even though it is always faster then I can! I'm very computer illiterate. A child could do this in a fraction of the time!  I have all of these ideas! I know exactly what I want to do, what I want to offer but I am slow in the process and that frustrates me.

It all started with my website, that I have been revamping for the last several months, reminding me that my five year contract is ending on January 30th. Nice! They would like me to renew it for an obscene amount of money. I can't. I won't.  Moving on to a new platform. Starting from scratch. I find a new platform and watch hundreds of YouTube videos to learn how to navigate it only to find out that everything I want to do will need me to buy additional apps. Then I have to watch hundreds of more videos to learn how to add it to my program.

It goes on to be just a little unsettling. 

I know. . .I know. . . it will be worth it! 

I'll meet you on the other side. . .