My Art Career Story

I get asked what my story is quite often and the answer is...
I have very early memories of always drawing and painting, like, coping the comics from my fathers news paper, doodling on my Jean covered three ring notebook instead of paying attention to the teacher in class ( 🤫 don’t tell my mother). Oh, and making my own magazine for my family to read, updating them on the highlights of our week (I spent hours on the cover.)
That's me in the middle with my brother and sister 1976 I helped make this float!
During high school I went to the vocational school for commercial art which lead me to taking a scholarship test for The School of Visual Arts. I didn’t get the scholarship but I was the runner up and was immediately accepted.
I majored in Illustration and earned my BFA. I had dreams of being the next artist to paint the cover of the T.V. Guide (I know I just dated myself, even if the picture above didn't already do that). Unfortunately the year that I graduated was the year computers killed the illustration business and even though I still lugged my portfolio around Manhattan. Jobs were scarce.
So a waitress I became! (and met my husband to boot!)
(Left) Me as a waitress at the Thru-way Diner, New Rochelle, NY 1992
(Right) Me at my college graduation, Lincoln Center, NYC 1988  

I went back to school for Early Childhood Education. But just as I was getting started as a kindergarten teacher. I got the call that my son was coming home from South Korea. So I dropped teaching like a hot potato and became a stay at home mom. Four years later my daughter came home from China making our family complete.
My beautiful children many moons ago
My kids and I spent much time together creating but when they both went to school full time. I found that I had all of this extra time ( and I wasn’t going to clean all day 😉) So I painted and painting. One of my favorite things was to bring home curb side finds and re-create their purpose. This was great until my house was getting very cluttered! So I started making smaller things. I still had clutter but I was able to shove it in a draw or closet.
Through out my adult life I worked for several textile companies, an Artist representative (until I snuck in my own work, got Caught because I got the job but then was fired. Oops!)  I freelanced my Art for several years until I owned business as a mural painter, a gallery owner and now the owner of an Interactive Art Studio called Painting ParTAY that is now virtual.
These are some of the projects my studio offered
So there’s your answer in a nutshell ( Trust me. I could of added a lot more!)